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The Macky Monster Book Series is a set of sweet rhyming stories designed to comfort and reassure little ones from baby to around 7 years old.

Macky Monster’s Daddy Works Away is the first in the series of children’s picture books. It is a fun rhyming story, in which a slime-loving monster shares his feelings about when his daddy has to work away, whether that’s for a few days, weeks or even months! 

Macky Monster’s Mummy Works Away is the same story re-designed for those mums who have to travel with work.

Macky Monster Starts School is the second book in the series. It is a rhyming story, in which Macky shares his feelings about starting his education, his a little worried that he might not like it, but ends up having the best first day.

Macky Monster Learns to Share is the third book in the series. Macky Monster can find sharing his toys with a friend frustrating but soon learns sharing toys can be fun.

Macky Monster Moves Town will be the fourth book in the series. Macky Monster likes where he lives so is apprehensive about moving, but starts to get excited when he discovers all the things there are to look forward to.  Launching December 2023.

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Stacie Wildney grew up in a small beach town in Essex. She met her husband Stan in 2007 just a few months before he enlisted in the army. They married in 2009 and had their first daughter Poppie in 2011. Stacie’s husband's work has moved them to 6 different towns so far and counting. Stan has been on numerous tours and in between that exercises, that can see him away for just a week to a couple of months.

They had their second daughter Isla in 2019. It wasn’t until after Isla’s first birthday, that Stacie had the idea to write a story for Isla. Stacie’s husband was getting ready to go away for a short period of time, but due to COVID 19 he had barely been away in almost a year. Stacie was wondering how her youngest would deal with her daddy suddenly not being around every day, she wanted a way to explain to her that some daddies work away and it’s ok that you will miss them but also to provide her with reassurance comfort. 

Stacie has always loved reading to her daughters especially the stories that rhyme. 

This is where she had the idea for Macky Monster's Daddy Works Away, she wanted to create a lovable friendly monster that would share in her daughter's experience and give her character in a book whom she could relate to. Stacie soon realised her story could be beneficial for many other children that may experience missing their daddies when they have to work away for a period of time. 

This had led to other ideas for Macky Monster adventures to support children with other big emotions and experiences they may have such as starting school.

Stacie hopes you enjoy reading these stories as much as she loves creating them and looks forward to sharing more with you. 

To follow Stacie's author journey please click below to follow her Instagram account.

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